The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab is a dance company whose main vocation is to be a space of choreographic creation.


Dhyana is a Sanskrit word that is often translated as “absorption”, although etymologically it simply means meditation or contemplation. The very idea of meditation is to develop a calm and clear mind so that it can be available to contemplate reality without distorting it by the current emotional attachments. This state of awakened mindfullness is also a fertile land which allows the development of certain qualities or virtues present especially in the bodhisattva. These qualities are mainly benevolent love, compassion, inner joy and equanimity.

The importance of these qualities for a dance company is essential in order to develop an ethical charter respectful of the physical and psychological integrity of each person in relation to this company.

The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab operates to consider each of its members equally, regardless of ethnic or socio-cultural origin, or whatever its function within the company. We believe that benevolent human relationships are essential in any teamwork. Especially as dance often leads us to leave our bodies in the hands of the other and vice versa.

True happiness proceeds from an essential goodness that wishes from the bottom of the heart that everyone finds a meaning to his existence. It is a love always available, without ostentation or calculation. The unchangeable simplicity of a good heart.
Matthieu Ricard

The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab

The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab has as main vocation to be a space of choreographic development in the field of live arts and audiovisual arts. This includes:

  • research and choreographic experimentation for the choreographer and also for the performer,
  • the implementation of artistic proposals from interpreters,
  • the development of own and other bodily mindfulness through the practice of dance,
  • the opening of the choreographic world to all audiences.

The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab is a space for artistic creation based on the principles of techniques of contemplative practices. Thus the choreographer must have a clear and enlightened mind in order to best guide the performer in the process of choreographic research. Just as the interpreter must develop the inner calm which is his only guarantee of being able to make artistic proposals without endangering himself or his partners. As for the show, it is an integral part of the research process. It makes it possible to put in situ, before the eyes of the spectator who then witnesses the experiment, all the elements of the creation.


Our dance comes from a set of teachings we have received from various teachers and choreographers. They also received them from previous teachers and choreographers. In each generation, there have been mutations and evolutions:

  • either through the development of scientific knowledge (kinesthetic, physiological, psychological, medical …)
  • either through the development of new choreographic styles and/or the mixing of choreographic styles.

The Laboratoire chorégraphique Dhyana Dance Lab is thus one of the results of these centuries of practice and evolution of dance. It also becomes an actor by its research and its creation. It thus becomes obvious that it has a responsibility in the transmission of the knowledge acquired and the tools to develop this knowledge. This responsibility takes the form of pedagogical actions aimed at the general public, both amateur and professional.

Treat people like if they were what they should be and you will help them become what they can be.